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Yoga – The Benefits of Surrendering to a Pose

To surrender to a pose in yoga – what does that mean? I’m sure you’ve heard your instructor suggesting it to you but what are they implying?

The truth is that our modern day focus on yoga puts a lot of attention onto the physical benefits that an individual can achieve through consistent practice. Think about today’s take on a vinyasa practice, it certainly includes a flow of aerobic style movement to challenge your cardiovascular system and fitness which can have many health benefits. However, that focus varies from ancient and traditional forms of yoga. Here the emphasis was on creating a balance and harmony between the spiritual, physical and mental practice.

To surrender to a yoga pose isn’t an easy thing to do for most people. Let’s face it; the majority of us are trying to maintain some level of control over our daily lives which at times can be a struggle. With a consistent yoga practice that allows the individual to learn how to let go of the struggle and maybe even negative emotions like fear or anxiety by enjoying the feeling of holding a pose through balance, inner focus, breathing and meditation.

So at first, surrendering to a yoga pose might seem a bit strange or unusual. What’s required, like with most things, is the desire to learn how to actualise this experience. That happens with patient practice and an element of discipline to allow the energy to release and to let go of the need to control so that the tension disappears. In yoga, if you are experiencing physical tension in the body, if you find yourself holding on, then you can focus on your breathing and just let it go.

What’s beautiful about learning to release tension in this way is that this practice can allow you to release the stress from an entire day during your yoga class.

Probably the easiest pose for beginners to learn how to surrender is Shavasana or corpse pose. There are many benefits to Shavasana which include:

  • Helping you to reduce nervous and muscular tension
  • Lowers blood pressure and reduces your heart rate
  • Improves your memory and concentration
  • Helps you to improve your self-confidence and focus
  • Reduces the occurrence of headaches and relieves fatigue and insomnia

It does take time for your body to respond to a posture with full relaxation.The philosophy of yoga is that each pose (through a physical practice) allows us to work through our life problems. We often move our mental tension and store it physically in the body and the physical practice helps us to let go of this so we can relax the mind more easily. There are holistic benefits to surrendering by letting go of the inner struggle by resolving the physical struggle.

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