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Turn everyday items into props to practice Yoga at home

couple practising online yoga at home

One of the best things about going to the Yoga studio is the variety of professional props. We all love them, I’m sure you do too. They’re there to support you and help you get the most out of your practice – raise the floor when you can’t get down or add some arm length when all you need to do experience the pose are those last 2 inches.

But what if you want to add a few home sessions online? Or even have a taster of the benefits of Yoga without ever having stepped foot in a studio. We’ve got you covered! No need to jump straight into online shopping when you can easily start with a few bits you have around the house.

Here’s what you can use at home to replace props if you’re joining us for online Yoga classes.

Yoga props ideas for home practice

No mat? No problem!

Let’s the start with the absolute basic, the object that says “this person does Yoga!”. Having a mat of your own has a sort of magic to it, but it’s not irreplaceable, a towel or a rug or carpet will do the job very well. There are 3 main properties you’re looking for when choosing your substitute mat:

  • Enough space for the whole body to lie down
  • Being able to move around without slipping (on or underneath)
  • Easy to clean after use if you sweat during class

yoga at home

Bricks and blocks

Depending on the pose and your needs, there are a few items that can assist you successfully:

  • a chair or other pieces of furniture
  • cans of food (unopened!)
  • a stack of books
  • or pillows and cushions.

Again, be mindful of the surface underneath to make sure it’s not going to slip. We took a few pictures to give you ideas of how this might work.

using tins as bricks in lizard pose
Mira using tins instead of bricks to elevate her hands in Lizard Pose
using cans of food for core exercises
Cheryl using cans of food for a core exercise
using a chair for forward fold
Andreea using a chair for Pyramid Pose. You can also use the chair for sitting if sitting cross-legged is not comfortable for you.


You can replace it with: a belt, dressing gown strap, a tie, a towel, a scarf or even a piece of clothing.

As long as it’s long enough to fit the purpose, you’ll have all you need for a good hamstring or shoulder stretch.

using a tie instead of a strap for a hamstring stretch when doing Yoga at home
Kirsty using a tie for a hamstring stretch


In a juicy restorative or Yin class, using a bolster can feel like a nice hug, it’s there to give you comfort and support. Luckily, it’s one of the easiest to replace. Lots of pillows, folded blankets, or a combination of multiple props can give the same result in the comfort of your own home.

bolster replacement for Yin yoga
Mira using a stack of pillows under the torso for a supported Child’s Pose

Eye pillows

If all you want is to cover your eyes, you can simply use a towel or an eye mask. If you enjoy the gentle extra weight the eye pillows add to increase the feeling of relaxation, rice or lentils in a small bag can do the trick.

And that’s it! If you’re all ready to join us for online classes, check out the timetable and our offers for unlimited live Yoga and Pilates classes streamed on Zoom.

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