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Yin Yoga & Gong Meditation Workshop – October 2019

Yin Yoga and Gong Meditation

with Paula and Andy

Sunday 20th October 2019

5:30pm – 8pm

Cost is £43 full price – see below for offers

Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended to ensure you secure a place

We are excited to invite Andy to the studio to offer you the blend of Yin yoga and Gong meditation! You will start off with yin yoga, this is a stress relieving practice using props with a focus on long held passive floor poses.  The emphasis is on mindfulness and finding stillness in order to let go of both mind and body tension.  A calming practice with teachings on Chinese medicine to unwind repetitive muscle patterns within the body and to encourage freedom of movement.

After a short break you will receive a 50 minute Gong bath/meditation, the sounds and vibrations accelerate the process of mindfulness, meditation & relaxation. In our modern society with busy Lifestyles and high exposure to technology and information, we often struggle to relax and switch off.  The sound and vibrations can help ‘fast-track’ your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation and meditation even for people who normally struggle to meditate. Gong sounds and vibrations also have a beneficial effect on hormone levels. They reduce adrenaline and lower cortisol levels and enable the body to enter a healing state.

You will leave the workshop feeling calm and tranquil. A good practice if your mind is overactive or your energy levels are erratic or you find it challenging to switch off.


The workshop is £43 for non members (see offer below for members and an early bird rate)

Use the code OFFER5 to get the offer price of £38

Non Members: 

Early bird offer.  Book before 31st August to receive the offer price of £38.  Use the code OFFER5

Not suitable for:

Pregnancy first trimester

Cancellation Policy:
If cancelled with 2 weeks notice or more 50% refund given
If cancelled with less than 2 weeks no refunds given
Non transferable