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The Power of the Sense of Smell, Essential Oils and their support of our emotions, mood and wellbeing

Saturday 30 July with Mira 

2-3 pm

This on-line session is for you if you wish to learn about the power of essential oils and how they can support your emotions, mood and overall wellbeing. You will learn

• What essential oils are

• How to find pure essential oils

• How essential oils work aromatically

• Creating rituals with essential oils

• Short meditation

We will spend time to experience the power of smell and how the aroma of essential oils interacts with your receptors in your brain with are directly responsible for your emotions and moods. You will be able to experience how easily your emotions can be improved by using essential oils and conscious breathing techniques. This will be an interactive session and I am looking forward to meeting you during this session.

You will be sent a sample pack of essential oil through the post and give the studio permission to pass your address onto Mira to post this to you.


        VIP members, book online here
Non-VIP and Non-members can join price = £15. To join purchase a one- off membership for the workshop here
Then register for the workshop.
There is an additional charge of £5 to cover the cost of postage and towards the oils. Once you have registered please pay £5 via PayPal to @yogawithmira88