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Our Team – Vicky Salter

Vicky Salter

Specialises in: Hatha Yoga

Experience: 2 Years

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga now for over two years and hold the BWY 500 hours Teacher Training Diploma.

Through teaching I can share my love of yoga and teach what has been shown to me through my training and what I’ve personally learnt from practising yoga.

There are many benefits that I have gained from yoga which include feeling calmer, having better control of my asthma that I’ve had since childhood and living a healthy well balanced lifestyle – both physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga has definitely helped in my part time job as a nanny developing my patience, calmness and staying focused.

I have practiced yoga for nearly 17 years now, exploring different styles including Iyengar and Ashtanga with some very inspirational teachers. I regularly attend yoga workshops which I love and they deepen my knowledge which I can incorporate into my classes.

For me yoga is much more than just a shape that we make on the mat. Through my classes breathing techniques are explored as well as relaxation, meditations and the subtle aspects of the yoga practice.

I teach with a friendly and warm personality and encourage people to enjoy what they are doing. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone and we can do this through modifications, using props and respecting our own limitations and abilities in order to reap the benefits yoga has to offer.