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tania yoga


Yoga Teacher

Favourite Styles of Yoga : Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin

Tania has practised different forms of wellbeing exercise like pilates, yoga & thai chi on and off for many years but attended yoga more regularly from 2015. Tania see’s yoga as a form of escapism and has helped her through moments of anxiety and stress. She explains “life can throw some unexpected things your way but yoga was that me time that nothing could interrupt and I think everyone needs that these days! Life is so busy and yoga gave me that time to just let go, relax and reflect.”

Tania finally took the plunge to enrol on a teacher training course and has been teaching since 2018. She has always been fascinated with anatomy of the human body and brings this curiosity to her classes. She believes we should be grateful for what our bodies do for us, to do the simplest things that we take for granted so she encourages self love, body confidence and exploration into her classes.

She is passionate to show through her teaching that the body will never be completely symmetrical, neither is life and its learning to accept and appreciate the beauty of imperfection and to embrace the playful challenge that imbalance brings. She believes yoga is for everyone and everyone’s journey is very different to one another, which is why she thinks its important to create a space where people can listen to what their mind and body needs and not what society expects of them, a chance to let go and just be. A chance to be patient with yourself, to pause and reflect, to show gratitude and believes the more you can do this for yourself the more it will spread to those around you.

Tania currently teaches Hatha yoga, yin yoga and chair yoga for the elderly. Join Tania on the mat to see what discoveries yoga unlocks for you!