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Our Team – Tania Clapp

Tania Clapp

Studio Manager & Yoga Teacher

Favourite Styles of Yoga : Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin

I have practised yoga on and off for many years since the age of 14, but attended yoga regularly when I hit the age of 24 when I became a member of a yoga studio. I was always drawn to yoga and found myself coming back to it as it was form of escapism, to help me through moments of anxiety and stress. Life can throw some unexpected things your way but yoga was that “me time” that nothing could interrupt and I think everyone needs that these days! Life is so busy and yoga gave me that time to just let go, relax and reflect.

I have always been fascinated with anatomy of the human body, we are complex built machinery and I wanted to delve deeper. This led me to enrolling on my yoga teacher training course, during this time I concentrated closely on my alignment, my movements, inspecting every muscle and what it does. I looked for patterns in poses, studied my limitations, what poses did I sink into my joints? what poses caused me to overwork and tense my muscles further? All so that I could someday help others discover more about their bodies and their thoughts, but also to be grateful for what our bodies do for us every day.

Although my initial fascination with yoga started from a physical perspective, over time I have learn’t that yoga is also about mechanics of the mind. It’s not about how a pose looks but how it feels and your reaction to that, your body will never be completely symmetrical, neither is life and its learning to accept and appreciate the beauty of imperfection and to embrace the playful challenge that imbalance brings. That’s the great thing about yoga, if you have a body and a mind you can do yoga, it is for everyone!

Through my teaching I want to help people reconnect with themselves at a time where life is so busy and thoughts are constantly jumping from past to future. A time where people don’t know how to relax anymore or feel guilty for doing so, even when their body is telling them to slow down by showing them signs of aches and pains. I want to help people to learn to be present, to listen to what their mind and body needs and not what society expects of them, a chance to let go and just be.

Yoga is a chance to be patient with yourself, to pause and reflect, to show gratitude and the more you can do this for yourself the more it will spread to those around you.

Becoming a Studio Manager at Hot Space Yoga and Yoga Teacher has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me, as I get to hear on a daily basis people speak of their own personal yoga journey and how its helped them. I can’t wait for you to join me on the mat to see what discoveries yoga unlocks for you!

Tania has been teaching Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga since 2018. She has practised yoga regularly since 2015 and continues to develop as a teacher as she will soon be enrolling on a yin yoga course, chair yoga and reflexology.