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Our Team – Paula G


Paula G

Specialises in: Yoga & Pilates

Experience: 8 Years

I have spent 30 years of my life in an office job, so I know what it is like to sit down at desk for 8 hours a day, and the toll it takes on the body (and often the mind).

Having suffered with chronic pain for years which was exacerbated by my desk job, I first of all discovered yoga and how it could help, not just relax my body of its tightness and tension, but also how it could relax my mind and help me learn to deal with stress.

About 8 years ago I trained to become a yoga teacher which meant 3 years commitment and some challenges along the way. It was all worth it, I had finally found my passion in life and discovered how I could make a difference to other people’s lives by sharing what I had learnt.

I am fascinated by the body and how it works as a whole. How if one part of the body is not working as it should, how this can affect other areas, increasing pain and tension. I have also discovered how the mind and body are closely linked and I continue to explore mindfulness and meditation.

I have since gone on to train in Pilates, which I have found equally as rewarding both from a teaching perspective and the benefits I have seen in my clients.

In the last few years I have been very lucky to have been able to leave the job that was affecting my health, and decided I wanted to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of Yoga and Pilates for themselves. I spent a few years gaining experience in teaching full-time and building up classes locally in gyms and studios, as well as school and village halls.  I then decided to follow my heart, work on my self-belief, and with the help of a business mentor in February 2016 I opened the doors to a Yoga and Pilates studio in the heart of Cheshunt.

My vision is to create a safe space and a fun community, where people can enjoy learning how they can help themselves to reduce their aches and pains to get fitter and more flexible and to make it a part of a healthier and happier lifestyle so they become the best version of themselves.

I continue to learn and love discovering new things every day both in teaching and running a business. I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.