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Our Team – Emily

emily yoga teacher


Yoga Teacher

Styles of Yoga : Vinyasa Flow and Hatha

Emily has been practicing yoga for the past 4 years, initially as a more subtle form of exercise and as a vent to relieve stress whilst working in a very full on job as an Executive Assistant in London. Her practice both in studio classes and at home soon became a part of her daily routine that she felt “off” without.

Emily decided that she wanted to deepen her own practice and knowledge as well as sharing her experience of yoga and holding space for students to enjoy theirs. Emily completed her 200hr YTT in Hatha and Vinyasa asana practice , pranayama and meditation.

Emily believes that yoga is accessible for everyone in many different forms. She offers a fun exploration in movement and a place to create space in the body and mind. Her classes will often be themed based on moon phases , energy, the chakras, and having worked in stressful environments how bringing yoga into daily life both on and off of the mat can benefit so greatly with relieving stress and anxiety. Emily is aware that each individual’s experience of yoga is different and wants students to feel at ease and a sense of freedom during practice.