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Our Team – Cheryl


Specialises in: Mat Pilates

Experience: 7 years

I have always had an interest in Anatomy from a young age and have always exercised on a regular basis. From a serious back injury I found myself on a path learning Pilates to help with my recovery.  Although I thought this would not be for me initially, the more I learnt about how the mind and body works in Pilates, the more passionate I became.

Having come from a Mortgage Advisor background for many years, I always enjoyed meeting new people, so to learn and teach Pilates I found my perfect job!!

Having taught Pilates for the last 7 years I have come across clients with many different injuries, mainly back, shoulder and neck. It has been my job to work with these clients on an individual basis as well as working with them in a group during a class.

I live in Broxbourne with my husband and 2 young children that I am really proud of, however they take up a lot of my time!! I went back to netball 15 years ago, a sport which I love and met many long term friends. I play for a well established club in Bushey, training once a week and playing matches at the weekends. I love socialising with friends and family as often as I can and holidays are a must to get some well deserved sun!