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Our Team – Angie



Specialises in: Pilates

I teach Pilates, I am qualified as a specialist Pilates professional covering both mat Pilates pre and post natal,  Orthapedic care and equipment such as bands small and large balls half rollers and bands.

I adore teaching Pilates and watching participants improve and understand what and why they are doing these exercises.  I enjoy helping encourage and trying to maintain a healthy understanding of their bodies and how to look after themselves. 

My passion is also helping members with specific issues especially neurological, such as stroke victims or disabled persons. This may well be due to the fact I was a carer for my mother from the age of 11, so genuinely understand and try to help encourage and motivate people to be the best and achieve the most they can for their own self worth and to make their life more comfortable. 

Seeing people achieve things they thought was not possible is mind blowing for me and I genuinely feel proud watching the achievements progressions and management participants gain from doing Pilates.

Over the years pre and post natal participants rules and regulations have also changed encouraging participants of both catagories is great to watch. It is also good to see them grow and still be able to be mobile stretching and achieving flexibility throughout their pregnancies and watching them return to classes to regain their self confidence and regain their body shape fitness and flexibility.

My fitness achievements have changed throughout the years. I originally trained in Karate becoming the Japanese karate association British champion in 1990 representing great Britain in Japan. I also ran my own karate school which was highly respected and very successful. Due to family changes I was encourage by a friend I travelled to Japan with to try exercise to music, not my thing I thought 24 years later with many qualifications under my belt I have never looked back.

I then qualified in Pilates and again totally love what I have learnt and enjoy passing on my knowledge. I also have trained in Pilates reformer but as yet to use this qualification although I do have my own reformer at home.

I am always learning looking to grow my knowledge for myself and to pass on. We are never to old to learn  grow improve explore achieve maintain and share the passion.

I have spent my life training in these fields and whatever I do I try to be the best I can be I am a perfectionist and detest making mistakes at times I am too hard on myself but this makes me the person I am, professional, passionate, reliable, loyal and always try my best.