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Cancellation Policy

At The Space 2 Be we understand that sometimes people’s circumstances change, so we will accommodate requests for early cancellation when the reasons are considered valid as special circumstances.

While we do our best to accommodate other customer requests, we are also a business and have some systems in place which we rely on to operate and serve our customers. This includes having reasonable notice of cancellations.

Please appreciate that we will not be able to guarantee early cancellation of memberships prior to their minimum term except in special circumstances such as redundancy, relocation (of 10 or more miles away) and your illness preventing you from exercising. We will ask for evidence of these circumstances.

If your circumstances fall outside of these reasons and you wish to cancel early and feel your circumstances are extenuating please provide details on the cancellation form detailing the reason for cancellation. We will consider your request on an ex-gratia basis but it cannot be guaranteed.


In order to cancel your membership we require 30 days before your payment date of the 1st for a monthly rolling contract and 10 days prior to the end of a 3, 4, 6 and 12 month membership which automatically renews if it is not cancelled.

Please login to Teamup for full cancellation details of each type of membership and see the membership tab of your individual account under ‘Your Active Memberships’.

You will need access to this information on Teamup in order to complete the form.