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Online classes helping you to 'Feel fitter, stronger, more flexible and less stressed'

We have closed the studio until further notice due to the Coronavirus.

On line classes are now available to our Members and Customers.
Please check the timetable and email to find out how to get access.

Coming Soon to the General Public 😊

2 Memberships to Suit you Dependent on your Goals
plus a 7 day Online Taster Pass for New or Returning Clients
Beginner to Yoga and Pilates?
See our Courses for Complete Beginners

Online Unlimited Classes

I can make time to attend unlimited classes a month and begin my journey towards better health and well-being and I want to move towards my goals in the next 3-6 months

Online 10 Classes a Month

I can take time out to come to classes 10 times a month to improve my health and well-being and want to work towards achieving my goals within 2-4 months

7 day Online Taster Pass

This is for new customers only with some Yoga / Pilates experience

Complete Beginners

We are running a number of Courses for Complete Beginners

Here at The Space 2 Be we specialise in helping you reduce aches and pains, feel fitter and stronger, relieve stress and feel calmer and more relaxed.

We offer Yoga and Pilates classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience and also run regular courses for Complete Beginners for those who would prefer to be in a class where everyone is at the same level.

We are a team of professional teachers and staff who empower people to improve the quality of their life, health and well-being by sharing our knowledge and expertise in a caring and supportive environment.

We pride ourselves on our core values:

  1. We will empower personal responsibility. We believe that by taking personal responsibility everyone can bring about positive changes in their lives
  2. We will encourage, motivate and support you to achieve your health goals in a fun, encouraging and calm environment
  3. We will be professional, approachable and attentive to your needs in a fair, honest, and open environment to promote a supportive community
  4. We are dedicated to making a positive difference to the health and well-being of our clients and we are committed to giving back and making a difference to the world around us

We offer a variety of classes for all levels of experience and fitness, centered around reducing aches and pains including back, neck and shoulder pain, gaining core strength, improving postural awareness, increasing flexibility and suppleness as well as strengthening the body and increasing fitness levels.

And we have Fun! We build relationships, make you and your well-being our top priority and we feel part of a community of people who all support each other.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio!

Success Stories

"After many years of lower back, wrist and arm injuries my chiropractor recommended me to go yoga and pilates as a lower impact exercise and for general strengthening.

The classes at the studio are designed for all levels of ability so it was made very easy to start a class. The instructors will take time to show you moves one to one if needed. The level of back pain went within a few weeks..... read more"  Ian Duke

"After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, my Rheumatologist suggested that I start Pilates classes.

At first I was very worried about any pain and the feeling of not being able to do the movements but Paula made me feel so at ease that all my worries diminished as soon as I started the first lesson..... read more"  Ershen Mehmet

"After suffering a debilitating back injury, I wanted to regain flexibility.

Initially I thought I would find yoga boring but I've been proved wrong!

I really enjoy the chance to relax and unwind and my body has become more flexible than it has ever been.

My back has never felt better and I can enjoy all the things I used to before my back injury..... read more"  Carol, Cuffley